We’ve reached the height of summer and my two best friends to get through the hot summer days are a good sunblock and shaving cream. As someone who lives in sundresses and short shorts, my only real concern is my stubbly prickles being seen on my legs. It’s another added task to my daily routine that I haven’t gotten accustomed to until now. 

Recently I discovered the EOS Sensitive Shave and it’s truly allowed me to shave, moisturize, and stay hydrated everyday. I love that it’s cruelty free and there’s no potent fragrance left behind. 


The great thing that I’ve found from the EOS Sensitive Shave is that it is soap free and good for sensitive skin. I’ve had reactions to other hair removal processes and it leaves an even more stressful situation. Not only has it made my life easier, it also gives me the softest baby skin! The aloe, cucumber oil, lavender butter and wild oat make the perfect concoction for silky smooth skin.

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with EOS.