If you guys didn't already know, Andy is apart of the Sony Alpha Collective team, and in March he got to go on a trip to Cuba! Today, all of the members of the trip spoke out about their experience in a panel hosted by Adorama, but prior to that we went on a photo-walk with the team. While walking we discovered this super cute Taqueria and it looked too aesthetically pleasing to walk away from, so we decided to stop and take a few shots! The first thing I noticed was the Horchata and Agua Fresca selection and I thought to myself, "wow! This place is legit, finally!!" But after exploring the menu I found Carne Asada missing from list and it broke my heart. I've never gone to a taqueria that didn't serve carne asada. I feel like thats an essential!! We ordered Al Pastor tacos instead and it was okay to be quite honest. The place is beautiful, and it just sucks that the food couldn't match the aesthetics. Hope you enjoy the pictures though! Xo.