Cheers to sticking with me for 7 long consecutive years, to us possibly moving to Thailand for a year just so we can travel the world, to always being down for my spontaneous adventures, and to now living in New York with you. 

In all our years of dating we've only picnicked once and it was a terrible experience. We bought KFC (prob the best part) but when we got situated, the bees wouldn't stop bugging us so we eventually gave up and left lol. 7 years later we decided to try again!  On Saturday, we got literally everything from the only Target in Manhattan located down in Tribeca; down to mine and andy's entire outfit! Then, Sunday morning we made our way to Central Park and found this perfect spot overlooking the city in Sheeps Meadow. Luckily we got there early (10am) because it was crazy-packed after noon! And of course, you can't do it jlinhh style without a photoshoot involved haha here are some corny photos of us, enjoy! Vlog will be on my Youtube channel soon! xo