Hope you guys had a fun Memorial Day Weekend!! Andy and I spontaneously decided to rent a car and go on a road trip this weekend. It's been so long since we last drove anywhere together, and it was the best decision we've made.

We started off our trip bright and early on Saturday morning -- we took a train from Penn Station in New York, then made our way to the New Jersey Airport where we picked up our rental. We were lucky enough to even get a rental considering all of the other places sold out for the weekend, and we got the "last-minute" deal for super cheap! 

Being able to cruise through the open roads and windows down felt so much like being home again. It was just what we needed away from the crazy city. We decided to visit my aunt in the suburbs of South Jersey for the weekend, and on the way we spontaneously stopped in Philadelphia for some philly cheesesteaks! It wasn't our first time visiting the city, so we knew exactly where to go. Our favorite place for philly cheesesteak is from Ishkabibble's! No shade to all the people in the long lines outside of Jim's or Geno's, but definitely try Ish's next time ;)

The food coma was hitting pretty hard after eating. I didn't get to eat my usual smoothie bowl or drink my matcha latte that morning so I was seriously fiendin' for some caffeine! I yelped some places and decided on Talula's Daily. The matcha latte was incredible!! I've never wanted another one so badly. 


Finally, we made our way to my aunts house and unplugged for the weekend. No social media, no emails, no phones. It was super nice catching up with my family and relaxing for the weekend. Living in New York can be intense sometimes, so this was definitely much needed.  Anyways, enough babbling, enjoy the pictures! Xo.