New York apparently decided to take a break from the 90 degree weather and drop down to 60's this week. Andy is currently back in California hosting an insta-meet with Beautiful Destinations, and I must say I have some serious FOMO. He actually invited me back with him, but I kept declining and telling myself I don't miss home just yet. Am I in denial? Seeing his snapchats and insta-stories being back home brings back so many good memories. Maybe it's about that time to visit home.

Anyways, this here is my go-to outfit! It is the outfit I always rely on when I have "nothing" to wear haha! You guys will see down the road how obsessed I am with biker jackets. My collection of leather jackets have grown tremendously since selling most of my clothes for the big move to New York. I just need a nice red one and i'll be set for a while lol!

For makeup, I decided to go back to my roots. When I first started posting on Instagram, I always had my signature winged eyeliner with dramatic lashes, and a bold lip! I think my choice of makeup today really completes the badass-ness! & just when you think things are way too dark, add a pop of color in your waterline ;)

Leather Jacket: here | Fedora: here | Lipstick: here | Lashes: here | Purple Liner: here