Exactly a year ago, I was brought out of the country for my first time for my 22nd birthday by my boyfriend, Andy! I've always wanted to visit both the islands and Asia, so he took me to Thailand! We arrived in Bangkok and stayed there for 2 nights before heading out to our first stop -- Krabi! We stayed at the Beyond Resort Krabi which was beautiful! They had private villas in the garden where you'd have to get driven to, to and from the lobby! Pictured below is the pool area which sits right off the beach. The views were amazing.

After staying a night in Krabi we decided to take a ferry to Koh Phi Phi island! The ride was about 1.5 - 2 hours, but it was so beautiful. We got to meet a bunch of people from all over the world on that ferry and thats what I love most about traveling. After getting dropped off by our ferry we were then picked up on a traditional long-tail boat (speedboats were also available for a higher rate). We then sailed for another 30 minutes before arriving to the private side of the island where our hotel was -- Villa 360 Phi Phi

Upon arriving we were greeted with fruits and a glass of champagne. Here at this hotel, you are also driven to your room with golf carts. All of the villas are sitting on top of a hill which overlooked the view of the ocean. It was incredibly surreal. Here is a picture of the view right outside of our balcony with my boyfriend, Andy on our neighbors roof (lol).

After settling into our room we decided to wander around this side of the island which we were told there were a few convenient stores, restaurants and one other hotel. This hotel is super secluded and perfect for those looking to getaway on their honeymoon or just relax without the company of many others. The beach was so beautiful, I still can't get over the turquoise waters!

After spending the next 3 days on the private island we thought it be nice to get back to the main part where things are much livelier! We stayed at random hostels and from there we decided to book a tour to Maya Bay which was absolutely breathtaking. The tour consisted of snorkeling at a few different stops and stopping at different islands before making our way to our final destination at Maya Bay. Here are some photos of the tour.

We also filmed a one-piece bathing suit lookbook featuring monokinis from Forever 21, and finished with a travel diary! Hope you like it :)