Villa Zolitude Phuket

Phuket is popularly known for their beaches situated along the clear waters of the Western Shore of Thailand. Initially, our plan coming to Phuket was to do just that--lounge along the white sand beaches and relax. Instead, we stumbled upon a beautiful Villa Resort and our plans quickly changed. My cousin and I had the luxury of staying at the Villa Zolitude Phuket for two nights, placed on the tops of these hills tucked in the jungle, and Hotel Ikon Phuket. 

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The first thoughts that came to mind upon arriving was "waaaaaaow". From Hotel Ikon, the hosts were generous enough to take us to the Villa for free with their tuk tuks about 20 min away and up this hill to the lobby. From there, we were served a cold towel, a refreshing drink and our keycards and wifi passwords for the next two days.

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We entered through the gates and were shown around and were blown away by the amenities. Upstairs was a large king sized bed, floor to ceiling windows, and a bath tub. Downstairs was the infinity pool, a floating couch, a tv, and a door that led to the outside where they had an outdoor shower and toilet. This stay was nothing short of perfect. 

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During our stay, we were also offered a couples massage for 60 min. We had a variety of different packages to choose from including a variety of different scents we'd enjoy. The smells were to die for and gave the massage an added enjoyment of relaxation. The masseuses were the sweetest women on earth and were so mindful of our needs. The room was set to a perfectly lit ambience and with the rain outside, it was an added bonus. The sound of the rain tapping on the outdoor pool area they had and the rose bowls below the beds created a whirlwind of heavenly feelz. We woke up feeling more rejuvenated than ever and our experience at Villa Zolitude couldn't have been better.

Thank you so much Hotel Ikon and Villa Zolitude for our amazing stay in Phuket! It made for a much needed experience to relax and enjoy a different side of Phuket. This will be a memorable place to stay and can't wait to come back again someday!